Top Mouse for Gaming in 2020

Top Mouse for Gaming in 2020

I recently came across some great gaming mice that I wanted to share it with you guys so let’s get this started –

1. Logitech G603 :-

Logitech G603

This is a pretty simple looking Mouse. it’s got no fancy RGB like the other gaming mice but it offers so many more features first of all it is the only wireless mouse on this list and the connection when wireless is almost indistinguishable when compared to a wired mouse.  You can put in the included double-a batteries in the mouse and they will last you about 500 hours of game play and a whopping 1400 hours of normal use and you can switch between these two modes endurance and performance on the bottom of the mouse you can also use either Bluetooth or the included receiver and you also get a receiver extender for better connectivity coming to the mouse.  It’s got two buttons on the right side which can be programmed in the Logitech Gaming software and you can also switch between the DPI using this button which you can set it up to as far as 12,000 dpi as for gaming.  If u  play Warface with this mouse and it was amazingly accurate with the shots in the performance mode.


2. Corsair Scimitar Pro :-

Corsair Scimitar Pro

This is a mouse that’s not only pleasing to look at but it offers great functionality as well you can hold the mouse in either claw or palm grip and both of them feel very comfortable as the mouse is very ergonomic.  You can even unscrew a screw at the bottom to adjust that to of thumb buttons to your preference, the looks are daunting with the main 12th thumb buttons indicated for handling complex macros and profiles dedicated towards the type of game that can really use them –  like League of Legends and delta 2 and World of Warcraft.

But other games can be played just fine. Every button in this mouse is configurable in the coursers gaming software and you can even assign actions like macros and keystrokes and mechanical switches.  In this mouse also has a pleasant clicking sound. The mouse also has an incredible sixteen thousand DPI sensor and this specific model comes with RGB color customization,  you can even calibrate the sensor to a surface for better performance all in all this is a mouse that every MMO gamer needs.


3. HyperX Pulsefire :-

HyperX Pulsefire

The pulse fires design is not  boring though red LEDs illuminate the mouse wheel and the HyperX logo on the rear and the DPI selection button behind the mouse wheel is color coded so it glows white at 400 red at 800 blue at 1600 or yellow at 3200 dpi.  This mouse weighs is 95 grams which is very light but it doesn’t feel cheaply made in any way both the sides are draped in paralyzed rubber and that feels very soft and it really helps with your grip and on the right side it’s got two buttons which sadly isn’t programmable, while gaming in Warface flick shots in high DPI and sniper shots in low dpi were very accurate and the mouse also has a satisfying clicking sound. All in all this Mouse offers solid build quality and time tested components and is very lightweight and affordable.


4. Biostar Racing GM5 :-


The more popular designs of the recent years. The biostar racing gm5 gaming Mouse is an ambidextrous design aimed for both left and right-handed gamers. The most striking feature obviously is the carbon fiber finish which is in real carbon fiber.  One of the highlights of the gm5 is the RGB lighting feature which is fully customization via the racing setup software, all the buttons on this mouse is programmable except the profile switcher.  This mouse has a 7200 DPI sensor that is great for gaming all in all it’s a perfect Mouse for FPS gamers that want a good value for money.




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