Top 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer for Men in 2020- Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs

Top 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer for Men in 2020- Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs

Personal care and grooming industries are continuously witnessing innovations and advancement. Grooming products are essential for any man of this modern world. Everyone loves a well-groomed look that adds to their overall personality. Therefore, it’s important to make investment in grooming products that are meant to take your look and style to new heights. One such grooming product for men is nose and ear hair trimmers.

The pesky nose and ear hair impact your personality to a great extent. So, it’s essential to trim them and attain a good appearance. Though these hair saves you from various bacteria by filtering dust and dirt, they’re annoying when they peak out of your ear cavity and nostrils.

Nose Hair Trimmer:

Some people use nose and ear hair clippers to get rid of those annoying hair, but these tools can lead to infections and injuries. So, ear and nose hair trimmers are the best way to remove nose and ear hair. They are designed keeping in mind every detail in mind for safe trimming of nose and ear hair.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 11 ear and nose trimmers that are on high demand in 2019 for their unexpected performance. Also, we’ll guide you “how to choose a right nose and ear hair trimmer” and will answer some of the FAQs too. But, before proceeding further, we’d like to share our product selection and testing procedure with you.

How We Selected and Tested these Products

Before choosing the ear and nose hair trimmers that passed for our best choices, we tested a number of ear and nasal hair removal devices that are received top ratings on Amazon. We took help of volunteers in determining the quality of these hair trimmers. The market is flooded with a number of brands and nose trimmer models, so we started by shortlisting the best ones from the wide variety. There were certain trimmers, which didn’t even pass the basic needs for a good nose hair trimmer. Then, we further started our review process for these best choices.

We also consulted many professional grooming experts while we’re picking the products from the extended collection of nose and ear hair trimmers available in the market. They gave us an insight and helped us to differentiate between the good and bad ones. These professionals first tried and tested these nose and ear hair removal devices themselves and shared with us their experience.

Hence, the products listed below are not just personal recommendations, but also backed by professionals.

While testing these trimmers, special importance was given to the factors, which make these ear and nose hairs trimmer convenient to use. Apart from ease of use, we’ve paid attention to its shape, size, ease of cleaning, and type of trimmer head and attachment they come with.

Now, let go through our best choices and know about them in detail one by one.

11 Top Hair Trimmers for Nose and Ear

1. Conair MAN Nose and Ear Trimmer

ConairMAN Nose and Ear Trimmer

Designed for those delicate spots where your regular hair trimmers can’t reach, the CoNairMan Nose and Ear trimmer is a perfect addition to your grooming essentials. It is equipped with a powerful cutting system that includes sharp stainless-steel blades that help you get rid of unwanted hair from your ear, nose and even eyebrows without causing any pain or discomfort. In addition to this, the blades are rinse-able that means they can be conveniently washed with water.

It has a rotary trimmer head for precise hair trimming. We love its lightweight structure, which won’t hurt your hand when you hold it for longer. It is compact in size that easily fits into your travel grooming kit. Furthermore, the trimmer head is protected with transparent cap for prevent it from damages when travelling.



·      Lightweight and compact ·      Plastic body
·      Travel-friendly ·      Does not include battery
·      Works on single AA battery
·      Stainless-steel blades; washable
·      Cordless design
·      Safe and easy to use




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2. Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 3000, NT3000/49 

Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 3000, NT3000/49 

The Philips Norelco nose trimmer 3000, NT 3000/49 has been designed so that it’s at the perfect angle to easily get inside your ear and nose to trim even the shortest hair. It’s great for grooming eyebrows too. Engineered with advanced ProtecTube technology with innovative guard system for high performance.

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We liked its super precise and sharp cutting slots that offer a perfect trim. With the soft-touch rubber grip, you gain more control over trimming fine hair in your nose and ears. Thanks to its fully washable feature that makes cleaning easier and quicker. Want to know the Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer price to place your order? Click here.



·      Does not pull your hair ·      Some users reported that it take several passes for nasal hair removal
·      Comes with 2 interchangeable trimming elements  
·      Fully washable  
·      Offers a great grip  




  1. AMAGARM Nose Hair Trimmer

AMAGARM Nose Hair Trimmer

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at trimming your nose hair, this AMAGARM trimmer will let you remove unwanted hairs with conveniently. The battery life is super long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about recharging. Thanks to its cordless design, which makes it easy to carry while travelling.

AMAGARM’s nose hair trimmer features 360-degree rotating blade system that ensures precise and clean trim. It comes with 6500 RPM motor and sharp blades to avoid clamping for absolutely painless trimming experience every time. The brand paid attention to maintenance of the nose hair trimmer, so it provides a dust-proof cover to keep it clean always.



·      Lightweight ·      Some users reported that metal tip gets heated up really quicker.
·      Works at a great speed
·      Safe to use
·      Works silently
·      Washable
·      IPX7 Waterproof
·      Easy to use push-off switch
·      Cordless design; travel-friendly





  1. FlePow Ear and Nose hair trimmer Clipper

FlePow Ear and Nose hair trimmer Clipper

FlePow Nose Hair Trimmer features a neutral design that looks elegant. Both men and women can use it to remove unwanted hair from nose and ears. Integrating dual-edge spinning blades lets the hair to get inside the trimmer head from sides as well as from the top, offering a precise and painless trim.

According to us it’s the best ear and nose trimmer because it not only works efficiently, but also offers water resistance. This means you can trim your ear and nasal hair in shower without creating any mess in the sink. In addition to this, it is compact and portable for easy carrying.



·      Dual-edge spinning blades ·      Not as durable as other trimmers from other brands
·      IPX7 waterproof & easy to clean
·      Whispers quietly
·      Saves energy
·      Good battery life




  1. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer

Have a complete control over ear and nose hair trimming with this efficient Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Beard Trimmer. With a number of attachments, it gives you a well-groomed appearance. It won’t cause any pain while removing hair from the nose and ears.

This Remington ear and nose hair trimmer is one of the most demanded grooming tools on the market for its unmatched performance and durability. It will work non-stop for up to 70 minutes on one-time, which is a great thing about this Remington all-in-1 trimmer. Also, all the attachments are washable, which means you just need to put them under the tap to remove trimmed hair.



·      Sturdy body ·      Bulky
·      Multiple attachments to trim hair of your nose, ear, and other body parts
·      Offers precise trim




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  1. Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 5100, NT5175/49

Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 5100, NT5175/49

Thanks to its angled design, which allows it to reach the hair inside your nose and ear and trim efficiently. In addition to its efficacy in the removal of nasal and ear hair, it can be used to groom other areas too – beard, sideburns, and more. It is a water-resistant trimmer, which is great thing and can be used in shower.

To ensure all-round precision during trimming, it makes use of Dual Cut technology. It Includes a brush, a detail trimmer, a beard comb, 2 eyebrow combs, and a carry pouch. It is works on a single lithium AA battery that provides long hours of operation. Furthermore, the brand gives 2 years of warranty against any damages to the trimmer parts. Buy Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 5100, NT5175/49 at best prices at Amazon.



·      Ensures precision with Dual-Cut technology ·      It produces noise while working
·      Painless hair removal ·      Some users reported that it requires multiple passes for perfect trimming
·      Designed from Stainless-steel  




  1. Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

It is another top-notch product that features a simple to use ergonomic structure and long battery life. Thanks to its waterproof quality, so it is ideal to be used in the shower and can be conveniently cleaned under the faucet after trimming. For just $15, you’re getting a sleek and progressively compact, and lightweight trimmer, which keeps on running on just single AA-measure battery.

The trimmer comes with a protective top and integrates the Panasonic Vortex Cleaning System that allows water to enter inside the trimmer to flush out the trimmed hair. Also, it has hypoallergenic, dual edge, sharp blades that can gently trim hair from the most sensitive skin. Get the Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer online at best prices.



·      Dual-edge blades for maximum precision ·      Doesn’t include a carry pouch
·      Waterproof
·      Works on one AA alkaline battery




  1. Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K

The Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K with Vacuum Cleaning System comes with dual-edged blades to effectively cut nose and ear hairs and shape eyebrows. It features a built-in vacuum system to take off hair clippings, making cleaning simple and easier. The trimmer can be used wet/dry and is fully immersible in water; just wash under water for fast and easy cleaning.

Its curved and hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades cut the right length of hair and leave the right amount of hair so, natural filtering process is not disturbed. The safety cone guides the hair into the curved blades and prevents the skin from coming in direct contact with the rotary blade system. Thanks to the portable and ergonomic design due which this lightweight nose and ear hair trimmer fits perfectly into bags and luggage for convenient use while travelling.




·      Rotary Blade System along with Safety Cone


·      None
·      Hypo-Allergenic, Stainless Steel Blades


·      Integrates Vacuum System


·      Sharp Dual-Edge Blade


·      Immersible in Water for fast and easy Cleaning







  1. ToiletTree Professional Water-Resistant Nose Trimmer with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

ToiletTree Professional Water-Resistant Nose Trimmer with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


We’re really impressed with the lifetime replacement guarantee provided by the brand along with great customer service. This nose trimmer looks polished and high-end owing to its steel-covering on the body. At the top of this nose hair trimmer, you’ll find rotary blade system along with a white LED, which helps to see the unwanted hair and trim them safely. The blades are designed in a perfect manner due to which they trim hair both vertically and horizontally.

The stainless-steel blades are water-resistant and easy to clean- you just need to wash them with water and that’s all! Additionally, it comes with attachments to shape your eyebrows and style your beard. You can use it in both dry and wet environments. Buy now.



·      Lifetime replacement guarantee ·      Does not include the battery
·      Cordless nose trimmer  
·      Rotary blade system  
·      Lightweight yet powerful  
·      Water-resistant  
·      Affordable  
·      Works on 1 AA battery  





  1. Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer #5640-600

Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer #5640-600

Easy to use and well-designed, this Wahl trimmer is an essential in every man’s grooming kit. With strong blades that are high-carbon ground, it provides precision and the superior results. It includes a detachable rotary trimmer head for trimming unwanted hair from the nose and ears. This versatile pen trimmer also has a vertical trimming head for styling your beard and eyebrows.

It boasts a high-end look with the anodized aluminium casing. It is labelled as wet/dry, which indicates that it’s ideal for using in and out of the shower. We love its sleek structure that can easily fit in travel pouch or even in your pocket when you travel. Buy this Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer #5640-600 at best prices.




·      Sleek, pen-like design ·      None
·      Waterproof
·      Lightweight
·      Travel-friendly
·      Two trimming heads- rotary and vertical
·      Ideal for dry and wet areas




  1. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


Integrating a blade system that trims efficiently rather than pulling your hair, it is undoubtedly worth purchasing if you want to be sure that no unwanted hair is left in your nose or ears. It does not use any batteries so, it’s silent and convenient to use as you simply have to twist its bottom manually. It comes with travel pouch to carry it on the go. The brush helps in dusting off the tiny trimmed hair.

Furthermore, it is made in the USA and meets the highest quality standards to provide superior results. In addition to this, you will surely be impressed the lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy several years of performance at an affordable price. Include the Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer in your grooming tools.



·      Battery-less trimmer ·      Some users reported that it pulls hair
·      Sleek design ·      Doesn’t offer close trim
·      Silent operation  
·      Stainless-steel structure  





Buying Guide

Below mentioned are the features that you consider before you head out to purchase a nose and ear hair trimmer.


The primary thing that you should consider while purchasing a nose and ear hair trimmer is the type of trimmer head it features. Unlike electric head shavers and beard trimmers, nose and ear hair trimmer heads come with just 3 head options, including:

– A Rotary Trimmer Head

The most famous and most used trimmer head among all the options is a rotary trimmer head. Usually, a rotary trimmer head features of a small, broad tip, which is narrow enough to get into the nose or an ear to trim the hair. An amazing thing about this type of trimmer head is that it has a right length that won’t go too far into your ear or nose. This also reduces the chances of injuries to the ear and nostrils. There are two razor blades fixed below the trim, which trim the hair efficiently.

– A Side Action Trimmer

A side action trimmer is present at the back of a beard trimmer. It is a practical device for those who are searching for a 2-in-1 device, however such ear and nose trimmers aren’t that efficient as the dedicated ear and nose trimmers.

– A Foil Guard Trimmer

A foil guard trimmer looks like a foil guard razor and it trims the hair in your nose easily as the blades are present sideways. The foil guard trimmer blade is present below the guard for added protection.

Electric or Batteries

One of the features of nose hair trimmers that people don’t pay much attention to is the type of battery it comes with. Most of the nose hair trimmers are powered by AA or AAA batteries, but there is also a part of them that is driven by unusual batteries. Such batteries are generally 1/2AA, AAAA and sometimes C sized batteries.

One of the major negative aspects of hair trimmers with this type of batteries is that it can be too complex to track down when the trimmer suddenly stops operating due to dead batteries. These batteries are generally not available in most of the nearby convenience stores.

On the other hand, the biggest benefit of getting a nose and ear hair trimmer with a commonly-used battery is that you can use the batteries of your TV remotes if the nose hair trimmer suddenly runs out of battery.


A number of different brands who manufacture ear and nose hair trimmers will try to make you spend your hard-earned money by advertising ear hair trimmers with a variety of attachments. As per the most advertisements, these attachments let you use the same trimmer to groom your other hairy body parts and comes at a price that looks a great deal Usually nose and ear hair trimmers come with a 3-in-1 label as they can perform 3 different functions, including trim, shave and detail.

Apart from the hair trimming head, the common attachments of a 3-in-1 trimmer include:

  • Shaver head
  • Eyebrow guides
  • Beard trimmer head

A lot of people think that a 3-in-1 ear and nose hair trimmer is a great device that does everything, but actually it does not work that great. In addition to this, the quality and performance of a 3-in-1 device is comparatively bad than the quality and performance of nose hair trimmer, electric shaver, and beard trimmer separately.


An ear and nose trimmer that features a small compact size is better than a large, bulky one owing to its easy portability; you can easily pack it in your travel kit as it won’t need much space. There is a huge difference in the bigger and smaller ear and nose hair trimmers. Size of the device adds to its comfortability and ease of usage. Hence, it’s an important factor to be kept in mind before you buy hair trimmer for your ears and nose.


Nose and ear hair trimmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might not know that the shape of the nose and ear hair trimmer is extremely important as it determines the ease of usage and whether you’ll be able to hold it properly for a safe movement inside your nostrils and ears. Generally, of all types of ear and nose hair removal devices, models with round head are the most comfortable to use and hold.

The round ones are more preferred by the customers over the square head nose and ear hair trimmers. To be straightforward, the square nose trimmers aren’t easy to use. Though they boast a stylish design, they’re too awkward to hold and achieve a grip on and they make trimming ear and nose hair difficult.

You may also find long and sleek pencil shaped ear and nose hair trimmers in the market but they are also uncomfortable to hold, particularly for those having larger hands.

Easy to Clean

Another important factor that should be considered while getting a nose and ear hair trimmer is the ease of cleaning. Some trimmer models are not easy to clean if longer hair is tucked, therefore it is better to choose an easy to clean hair trimmer for your nose and ears.

Some of them are waterproof that means they can be washed under running water when cleaning is required, but other models take a little more effort. Even if the trimmer isn’t waterproof, the blade and the head will need to be taken off for proper cleaning. Thanks to the cleaning brushes that make the job effortless and simpler Noise Output

Everyone who has used a nose hair trimmer even once in their life knows how noisy these devices can be. As soon as you push the power button the small powerful motor inside begins buzzing. Each person has different tolerance for that sound/noise. For some people it’s okay when the noise hair trimmer produces noise while operating whereas others might find it irritating and can’t tolerate it at all. Though they are not loud enough to disturb someone’s sleep, but they make enough noise to draw attention.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like noisy ear and nose hair devices, then you should look for a one that produces minimal noise while operating.


  1. Do you need to use a nose hair trimmer?

Everyone has hair in the nostrils that filter out dust and dirt present in the air to provide a filtered air to breathe in. However, the nostril hair can grow longer and are visible out of your nostrils, affecting your personality. Therefore, whether you need a nose hair trimmer or not completely depends on the nose hair growth. If you’ve short nose hair that are not visible then you don’t really a nose trimmer, but they are visible then it’s going to be your best buddy.

  1. How frequently should you use a nose and ear trimmer?

Again, this entirely depends on the hair growth of your nose and ear. Every person has different hair growth, so whenever your nasal or ear hair peak out and clearly visible, then it’s the best time to trim those pesky hair.

  1. Can you use facial scissors to trim nose and ear hair?

Yes! You can. We suggest you using a facial hair scissor that has rounded precision blades for easy and safe cutting of nasal and ear hair. However, you should always pay attention to how short you are trimming the hair and how deeply you’re inserting the blades into the nostrils and ears.

  1. How do Ear and nose hair trimmers perform?

Ear and Nose hair trimmers work on batteries, just like the beard trimmers. The blades on this type of trimmers are enclosed in a metal or cylindrical plastic guard. These guards feature longer slits for easy trimming of long hairs. It also helps preserve some of your nasal and ear hair to keep your immunity un compromised during the trimming session.

  1. Is it safe to pluck nose hair?

Plucking nose hair can be really painful as well as enhances the chances of infection. Considering our continuous breathing process, dirt and dust is pulled into the nostrils every second, and plucking of nasal hair can invite the bacteria into the pores. Therefore, it’s always better to use a nose trimmer to trim nasal hair.


All the nose hair trimming devices reviewed above have been well researched and tested. These are the best nose and ear hair removal devices in the market that are efficient and durable and won’t disappoint you.

Do let us know which one do you already own? Or would like to get any one of the above trimmers?


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