Google will replace Google Home devices bricked due to latest firmware update 2019

Google will replace Google Home devices bricked due to latest firmware update 2019


On the off chance that your Google Home devices or Google Home Mini has as of late quit working, uplifting news: Google will probably supplant it.Google’s savvy home items which incorporate Home speakers and shows regularly get programming refreshes however they are introduced out of sight, in this way, most clients tend to not see them. This year, there have been a developing number of reports of bricked Homes and Home Minis on Google’s help gatherings (by means of 9to 5 Google) and on Reddit (by means of Android police), and the volume of reports has gotten since mid-September. It’s wasn’t clear what the issue was, and Google Home devices at last recognized that there was an issue in September.

It appears Google’s had an achievement, giving an announcement to 9 to 5 Google today saying it’s discovered a fix for the issue, which was brought about by a blunder in a programmed firmware update. Google says the fix will turn out to working gadgets soon to (ideally) keep them from bricking anytime later on. The organization will likewise supplant influenced Google Homes and Home Minis, regardless of whether they’re out of guarantee. Google is additionally observing a little part of gadgets that are having a glimmer memory issue that is tainting the document framework,

“We know that few Google Home and Google Home devices Mini gadgets are influenced by an issue that makes the gadget quit working. We have a fix that will keep the issue from occurring and will turn it out soon. We are supplanting influenced gadgets,” the announcement peruses.

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