Does ustra advanced beard growth helpful for under 18?

Does ustra advanced beard growth helpful for under 18?

This is going to be a super quick blog, a bunch of people have been asking me lately that does Ustra advanced beard growth helpful specially for under 18 or  how to apply my beard oil. So I’m going to show you right now I apply my beard oil from Dollar grid Club its growth beard oil to time today. I just did my normal face care routine it’s always the last step in my routine in the morning and evening.

Basically I want to have full facial hair so I’m going to tell you now where I put it how I apply it.  So basically this open bottle and you want to sort of take your hand out and I measure out. I don’t have a very big face so I measure out about a dime-size select that much. Then I take it rub it through my hand.

I like doing it and I just start rubbing it with like the grain of my hair. I want to have you know a full beard so I just put it pretty much everywhere from where my sideburns would be my cheeks my lip. Don’t worry about you know getting a little bit on your ear or something like that.

It’s really only gonna in my experience you know because I accidentally get it sometimes on my nose whatever I’m just  gonna have random hair growing on your nose. You know just awaking the hair that was going to come in you know where it be longs and then when I’m done if it’s the morning routine.

I don’t put any medicated things on my face so I will take the extra and just rub it on my arms or on my legs but you do want to wash your hands immediately. After that you don’t want to touch anybody or anything as little as possible but yeah that is I applied my beard oil you’ll notice that it is a little shiny now but it will soak in especially after a shower it soaks in very quickly like.

I would say within an hour if I do it in my routine right after I shower.  It soaks in really nice this will stay on a little bit longer.  Because I’m not showering before bed so but I mean I don’t have anybody to impress or like anything to worry about right now in terms of fact my face a little shiny.  If you are experiencing you know the fact that it’s not soaking in quickly you’re probably using too much.

I do tend to put on a little bit more in the evenings just because especially if I go to lay down and if I’m going to bed soon.  I know that it’s going to kind of rub off so I like to make sure there’s as much as possible whereas during the day.  I want to look as least shiny so I’m always careful to use just the right amount.

I mean you don’t need to glob this on it’s just just enough so that it’s making contact with your skin and after a couple days I bet you’ll find you know what amount works for you.  But it does work I also do there pills you can check out my blog soon how I apply the beard oil it’s that simple so happy beard growing I guess.  Bye

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