Find The Best Home Wall Decor Items for Your Home in 2019

Find The Best Home Wall Decor Items for Your Home in 2019

Best Home Wall Decor

The trend is something that keeps on changing every day and so do the home décor trends. Everyone primarily focuses on decorating the walls of their home when it comes to interior decoration. The reason behind is that the walls capture the attention of the onlookers in no time. Therefore, we suggest you to pick some of the great wall décor pieces to add a dimension to the walls of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom.

There is a wide variety of wall décor pieces available both online and offline, which are meant to change the look of your wall completely. Whether you’re someone who likes a simple and sober wall décor or a funky wall look, you can get a product that matches to your style. The extensive wall décor range includes 1D, 2D, and 3D wall stickers, wall murals, wall panels, metal wall décor, paper wall décor, and wall sculptures that boast a unique visual effect.

Trending wall décor:

If we talk about trending wall décor, then you should get your hands on a 3D wall décor. Such decorative items add a pattern and depth to the walls. The range of 3D wall décor includes 3D wall art painting and 3D wall panels. Now a days, people are not getting 3D wall panels just for their homes, but also use them to decorate your commercial spaces such as offices, institution, bars, restaurants, and even schools.

If you love to update your interior décor from time to time just like me, then it’s best for you to pick 3D wall stickers. Why? Because they are easily removable and reposition able. Some of the them even won’t leave any residue when removed or repositioned. Great!

I’ve shared Top 10 3D wall décor items from my collection of home décor products that revives the look and style of my room. I bought all these affordable wall décor articles from Amazon. I love to shop from Amazon owing to an extensive variety and reasonable prices. Let’s begin…

  1. 3D Couple Tree Wall Murals

3D Couple Tree Wall Murals

This is one of my most favorite pieces of wall décor and I highly recommend to those who have light-colored walls. My living room wall is pure white in color and this 3D tree wall decal in red looks eye-catchy. It’s great for large walls and you’ll need nothing to decorate that particular room. Only this wall décor piece is enough!

If I talk about its design, it depicts a natural scene where there is a tree and some birds. Apart from them, a “love quotation” is there. Each piece is crafted from reflective and bright acrylic pieces, which look more real than vinyl wall décor. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes in green and red colors to choose from.

I love the design of the tree leaves as some of them shaped like heart. This makes it a perfect addition to your personal bedroom as it will bring a romantic feel to your room. The best part is that anyone can apply it to the wall; you just need to fix the stencil then peel each piece of tree wall sticker and stick to complete the entire design. Click here to get this online.




  1. CoZroom Large Silver 3D Frameless Wall Clock Stickers 

CoZroom Large Silver 3D Frameless Wall Clock Stickers 

I was looking for a wall clock for my bedroom, but to be honest I’m not a fan of regular wall clocks. Last year, one of my friends gifted me a glass wall clock that has a picture of me and my husband on the background. Unfortunately, it broke accidently. So, I wanted something unique.

While browsing on Amazon for a stylish wall clock, I came across this CoZroom Large Silver 3D Frameless Wall Clock Stickers. I must appreciate its design and quality. It is both functional as well as decorative. My bedroom wall achieved a new look with these 3D wall clock stickers. You can choose from black, silver, rose gold and upgrade silver, finishes for an appealing visual effect.

Due to the pastel green wall, I got the black wall stickers to add a nice pop of colour and enhance visibility. It has an interesting combination of alphabets and numerals as twelve, three, six, and nine are designed alphabetically while others are styled in numeric form.





  1. DaGou Mixed of 12PCS 3D Pink Butterfly Wall Stickers 


The DaGou Mixed of 12PCS 3D Pink Butterfly Wall Stickers have a perfect design to suit any décor. I added these butterfly wall stickers to my bathroom and kitchen. They bring a natural vibe to the rooms and allow you to create different combinations. Get an exquisite butterfly wall décor by pasting them in different patterns such as curvy, straight, circular, or simply scatter them on the entire wall.

I covered one of the blank walls in the kitchen with these 12 pink butterfly stickers. In my bathroom, I’ve applied them around my circular mirror and they make a nice frame for the mirror, upgrading the look of the wall.

When I received them from Amazon, I thought they are 2D butterfly wall stickers but on opening the package I realized they are 3D ones. They were looking 2D because the wings need to be folded once to convert them into 3D stickers. These stickers include 8 small, 2 medium, and 2 large-sized butterflies. Also, they come in a beautiful range of colors including silver, white, yellow, golden, blue, multicolor, and Chinese style to pick from.




  1. Hermione Baby 3D Vase Wall Murals


This Hermione Baby 3D Vase Wall Murals for your living room, entryway, and bedroom. I got this wall decal for my friend as her birthday gift. These beautiful 3D wall murals are the part of her bedroom and she liked this home décor piece a lot. I’m planning to order another piece for my gallery.

Each piece of this wall decal is crafted from acrylic material that is bright and reflective. It looks realistic when compared to vinyl wall decal. When my friend sent me a picture of her room with this wall mural, I realized that it’s not the exact size shown in the picture on Amazon. Apart from the size, it’s really awesome. Highly Recommended!

The brand offers such an amazing piece of wall décor in 3 lovely colors including red, yellow, and aqua. Furthermore, you can select an appropriate size from 4 size options according to your wall. Check the price of this wall decal online at Amazon.




  1. Blinggo Family Letter Quote Removable Vinyl Decal Art Mural

A house can never be a home without a family. Therefore, it’s highly important to tell each family member how important they are to you. One of the great ways to show your love for family is this Blinggo Family Letter Quote Vinyl Decal Art. The quotation says “Family, where life begins & Love never ends”. It’s such a heart-touching message that will surely reach every member of your family.

Crafted using premium-quality die-cut vinyl, this wall decal will be part of your wall for long time and won’t get damaged by water. You just need to peel and stick on the wall and the great aspect is that it won’t damage the wall paint on removal. It can be applied to a painted wall, ceramic tile, smooth wallpaper, metal, glass, wood, and plastic surface. It is advisable not to apply on newly painted walls, textile or uneven surface.

No matters what is the color of your wall, you can choose from an assortment of colors that includes black, white, blue, brown, red, orange, and many more. Again, I picked this family wall sticker in glossy black to complement the pastel walls of my home. It makes a focal point in my room.





  1. Aooyaoo Solid Circle Wall Stickers

Perfect for refreshing the look of your home or office, this Aooyaoo Solid Circle Wall stickers look amazing on any wall. This 28 piece-piece mirror wall decal will give the walls of your living room and bedroom a stunning effect. Those who love shiny décor items should get this mirror wall stickers.

I own this set of mirror stickers but haven’t used yet. I think it will be a perfect addition to my study room on the opposite wall of the book shelf. This way the books can be seen in the mirrors. Isn’t it great? Do let me know how you liked this idea.

As per the customer reviews on Amazon, these simple mirror wall stickers can be easily and removed. The quality has also impressed many customers. Made of high-quality vinyl, they’re long-lasting and will keep your walls styled for years.





  1. Vangold Frameless 3D Mirror Wall Clock 

This is another frameless clock, which caught my attention on Amazon. Simple yet unique, it’s a 3D mirror wall clock by Vangold. The shiny clock hands and numerals look simply awesome. This is another wall décor piece that I haven’t used till now, but will do it soon.

What I like the most about this acrylic mirror wall decal is its adjustable size. Thanks to its frameless design, which allows you to reduce or extend the diameter to complement different size walls. Also, the mirror clock pieces can be painted in the desired color for contrasting or even effect.

Its minimal design makes it a great office décor item. They come with high-quality adhesive that makes sure that the clock remains intact on the wall. It’s not just a piece of decoration but shows you correct time by using battery power. At the back, there is a battery slot and a rotator to set the right time.





  1. 24pcs 3D Butterfly Removable Mural Stickers Wall Stickers 

My sister loves butterfly a lot, so I bought these Trubetter 24pcs 3D Butterfly Mural Stickers for her. The set includes 16 small, 4 medium, and 4 large butterfly wall stickers to display them in a variety of patterns on any wall. One of her bedroom’s wall is full of beautiful wall décor paintings, so added a decorative touch to that wall with these 3D butterfly wall stickers.

They are designed using high-quality PVC material, which upgrades their durability and makes them last for longer. In addition to this, this material makes them anti-dust and offers cleaning convenience. I purchase the pink ones, but there are other color options available too- red, black, white, and yellow. Pick the one that makes a unique combination with your wall.

You can stick them with ease on any dust-free smooth surface. Also, you can move them without any fear of damage to wall paints. This 3D butterfly Best Home Wall Decor stickers make a perfect choice for kid’s birthday party or any theme party. Loved them? Order now before they get out of stock.





  1. Arthome White Brick 3D Wall Panels Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The Arthome White Brick 3D Wall Panelsv are the must-have Best Home Wall Decor item for those who have damaged walls in their home. It’s a cost-effective wall-repairing solution that does not need any professional skills for installation too. If you have kids at your home and they have scribbled your walls, then hide those imperfections with these 3D wall panels.

Designed from soft PE foam, they are waterproof and sound-insulated. In addition to these qualities, they’re anti-collision foam brick wallpapers that are 100% safe for your children. They’re available in pearl white color to complement all decors Best Home Wall Decor.

They can be cleaned without any hassle. This easy to peel and stick 3D foam wallpaper is a part of my entryway and it looks stunning. You can apply it to the sofa background, baby room, home office, and kitchen.





  1. Mason Jar Sconces Wall Decor, Home Wall Decor

The Mason Jar Sconces Wall Décor is a perfect pick for occasions and festivals. I got them last year on Christmas and it upgraded my living room’s look within seconds. I loved it! Those who loves flowers and lights should buy them now. The jar wall sconces come with a metal hook and hemp rope that let you hang them easily.

Each of these mason jar lights are adorned with faux flowers, which make them a perfect wall décor for bedroom, kitchen entryway, and bathroom. These versatile as flowers can be easily removed to style them to your whim. It’s a great gifting idea for a creative home owner.

They are handcrafted from high-quality wood and glass. Each jar sconce is equipped with a set of LED string fairy lights with 10 bulbs. Watch here how to use these Mason Jar sconces wall décor.





  1. Wall26 Night Seascape View Wall Mural

Wall26 Night Seascape View Wall Mural

Add a natural look and feel to your bedroom or living room with this stunning night seascape wall mural by Wall26. It’s a lovely 3D wallpaper that will look extraordinary on the sofa or bed background. It is divided into 4 pieces to make installation convenient for you. Just peel and stick on the wall and it’s done!

Unlike some cheap 3D wall stickers, this won’t leave any sticky residue when you reposition it. With an overall size of 66 x 96 inches, this wall mural will ideally cover a large wall, hiding all the imperfections. However, you can also get it in the larger size 100 x 144 inches.

These are my personal favorite wall décor pieces that will make you home look stylish at minimum cost.





  1. What is the difference between a wall sticker and wall decal?

Many people think that wall stickers and wall decals are same. But, they’re not. Keep on reading to know the difference between these two wall décor items:

Wall Stickers are generally adhesive products that you just take off the backing paper before sticking it on any surface. Stickers can be designed from different materials, but mostly they’re made of polyester or PVC-vinyl. Some manufacturers make use of paper as a primary material to make wallpaper stickers.

Wall Decals Best Home Wall Decor need to be transferred from one surface to another. Unlike the wall stickers, they are three parts that include a backing paper, main sticker, and a transfer film on the top. Decals are mainly designed from PVC-vinyl as they are very often applied on the surfaces where you require the elasticity which the plasticisers provide.

  1. Why should you use a 3D wall panel?

Wall panels are making marvel and offer an ultimate home decor solution. This is a necessity to give your home or office a warm and welcoming look.  Best Home Wall Decor Apart from this helps you to hide wall imperfections, revive dull walls and give protection to the walls.

  1. What are types of 3D wall panels?

3D wall panels provide a realistic effect to your room. They are available in a variety, depending on the base material used in the manufacturing. They’re discussed below:

  • Gypsum 3D panels:

    These panels enjoy great popularity for their ability to be shaped into any structure. Made from exclusive Gypsum, they are best used for living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. They are not meant for outdoor areas such as balconies where there is a high chances of moisture ingression. These are easy to install and offer an attractive ambiance with proper lighting.

  • Wood 3D panels:They are made from natural wood and 3D patterns are crafted to precision for interior decoration. When you want to provide a traditional look to your walls, the wood panels can offer exclusive decoration performance.
  • MDF 3D panels: Made from resins and medium-density fibre boards, they offer outstanding interior decoration option for both residential and commercial places. These are comparatively cheap and can be painted into your favourite colour for enhancing the look Best Home Wall Decor.

  • Leather 3D panels: Designed from leather, they are expensive. They offer unparalleled performance by transforming your formal space into a space of royal elegance. Create a luxurious style in your living room or bedroom with these wall panels.
  • Bamboo 3D panels: These wall panels are perfect when you’ve a low budget. Eco-friendly and lightweight, the bamboo 3D panels can bring nature indoors. They are perfect for bedrooms and living spaces.
  • Fabric 3D panels: These wall panels are too soft and require special care. Being expensive Best Home Wall Decor and high-end material, they are used for interior decoration of luxury restaurants, offices, casinos, and more.
  • PVC 3D panels:

    This is a latest trend of wall panels. They are manufactured from durable PVC and can be stuck to the interior walls using glue. These are lightweight, budget-friendly and can be painted in desired colour or varnished for enhanced charm.

  • Glass 3D panels:

    Designed from reinforced glass, this is an expensive wall panel. These are perfect for a home with kids and are often used in offices for panelling walls and uplifting the look of the space.

  • Metal 3D panels:

    These also fall on the expensive side. They can be used in living rooms as well as offices for creating a unique ambiance by bringing together metallic glint and lighting.

  1. Where can wall decals be used?

3D wall panels can be utilized anywhere from home to office; restaurant to resort; and evens schools. They will amplify the beauty of both the residential and commercial spaces in sober and elegant manner.

  1. How long do wall decals last?

Wall décor stickers including Wall Decals are convenient to release from the surface of the wall. Some wall decals are made from high-quality materials to last for several years. Life of your wall decal depends on your care. If you take proper care of them, you will find that they will last for at least 2 years or more.

The removable wall decals may not last for longer as when you remove or reposition them, they carry a lot of dirt and debris, especially sheetrock texturing, latex paint, etc.

  1. Can I use wall decals on my furniture?

Yes, you can use wall decals on any furniture. Wall decals can be fixed on any flat and smooth surface like walls, mirrors, laptops, doors, etc. You just have to peel the paper at the back of wall decals and stick to the surface.

These are the 11 best and cheap wall décor products that I have in my home décor collection. It is advisable to use only 2-3 wall décor pieces in the entire home for a perfect décor. Make sure you update the look of your walls periodically to go in line with the trend. So, from all these products which one do you like the most? We’d love to know your choice and any suggestion that you may want to give us.

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